Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Viewing the internal stuff of the iTouch

Do you want to copy some files onto your iTouch without using iTunes?
Here's the answer.
Firstly, you need a jailbroken iTouch,a Windows PC (or maybe Mac, I'm not sure) and a working WiFi connection.
On your iTouch, go to Settings/ General/ Autolock
Click 'Never'.
On your iTouch, go to Installer.app
Choose Install/ All Packages
Find OpenSSH and install it.
In the unlikely event that you can't find it, add the source http://123locker.com and then try again.
Once OpenSSH is installed on your iTouch, (no icon will appear) go to the internet on your PC and find and download the free software WinSCP. Install it on your PC.
Once installed, go to the WiFi network settings on your iTouch and press the small blue arrow next to a connected network.
Copy the IP address there word for word and type into WinSCP. (it will ask you to when you open it)
WinSCP will also ask you for a username and password. The username is root and the password is alpine.
Once ready, connect you iTouch to the PC, close iTunes if open and click on Login in WinSCP.
You are done.
The iTouch internal hidden folder (flash memory folder) will open up.
Enjoy editing, but be careful! Don't delete a file that is necessary for the iTouch to function properly.
Good Luck!

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